We We partner with education, nonprofit, and philanthropic organizations to leverage youth voice, agency, and leadership to drive impact and unlock new opportunities in communities.

Together, we’ll create a more audacious world.

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The Audacity Lab is a strategic consulting agency that helps education, nonprofit, and philanthropic organizations unleash the power of youth voice, agency, and leadership to achieve breakthrough results. We partner with our clients to design, implement and measure programs and interventions designed to support and advance youth and to tell the story of their program impact.

Our Why

We envision an audacious world where young people have a seat at the table, where they are seen and valued as equal contributors wherever decisions that impact their future and well-being are made.

We envision a world where organizations recognize the power of youth voice, agency and leadership and engage them in creating meaningful and sustainable change– not just in theory, but in practice.

Our What

We help organizations like yours design, implement, and evaluate youth-targeted programs and advance along the continuum of youth engagement from being youth-centered to being youth-led. This transformation will put you on track to be more effective in the communities where you work, and you’ll be better positioned to tell the story of your impact.

Our How

Our signature approaches amplifies the unfiltered voices of youth, unlocks the financial and human resources needed to implement quality programs, and unleashes the power of youth agency to advance your mission through advocacy and social influence.

“It takes some nerve to be brave enough to look at long-standing social problems with fresh eyes, vibrance and a touch of youthful defiance. That audacity is what the world needs right now.”

Danyelle Murray, Founder, Audacity Lab

Let’s Partner

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