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At Texan Tax Solutions, we help Texans pay property taxes. If you are interested in getting assistance to pay all of your delinquent property taxes and receive some extra cash, please fill out the tax assistance application or contact us today!​

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Our Goal is To Help Texans

Our goal is to help all Texas Homeowners. We pride ourselves in positively impacting homeowners in tough situations and providing solutions to those in need. We are specialists in tax delinquent real estate matters that are based in Texas! Our company and partners are here to help in any way that we can!

Helping Families in ALL Situations

Regardless of the situation, at Texan Tax Solutions, we understand life HAPPENS! We are here to offer assistance. Reach out to our company today to determine the different solutions we can provide, regardless of the situation. We work directly with homeowners to pay their delinquent tax bills and save them from losing their homes at a tax auction.

Do NOT Lose Your Home Due to Taxes

Our company and partners offer different programs such as payment of taxes owed, loans, buy/leaseback options, and straight cash offers for homeowners who are behind in taxes. Do not let your property go to auction. Let us help! Contact us today by filling out the form below and get a free no-obligation consultation today!

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Get in touch by filling the form below and find out if you qualify. Tell us about your situation and join other homeowners who requested tax assistance and avoided tax foreclosure. It is that easy!